How to find shortest path between two points?
Well one possible solution is through Dijkstra’s Algorithm.

Look at the below Graph we want to find shortest path from S to D.

First we finalize the source And Destination.

We start at S and look at neighbours of S.
And store those neighbors in a priority queue according to their distance from S. We mark all the distances from Source Infinity at first, and if it is a neighbour of the current node we can update the distance.

Below you can see we maintain two tables, Other Nodes and Neighbouring nodes…

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The Start:
The journey starts with me and 3 other crazy guys who agreed to make a project together based on computer vision having zero knowledge on the topic in the span of 4 months.
Upon brainstorming through a ton of Ideas and having a passion for playing guitar, we all agreed to make an app that would significantly improve the way that a beginner learns guitar.

The “Why” of it all: Our App solves some of the major problems that beginners face while first starting to learn Guitar like: 1. Finding the correct version of the chords, 2. Difficulty…

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